Section 106 Agreement Housing

Section 106 agreement housing is a term you might have come across when searching for property in the UK. In simple terms, a section 106 agreement, also known as a planning obligation, is an agreement between a developer and the local authority to provide a certain level of affordable housing as part of a development. This agreement is a condition of planning permission and ensures that developers contribute to providing homes for those who need them.

Section 106 agreements may also include other requirements, such as the provision of recreational facilities or contributions to transportation infrastructure. The exact terms of the agreement depend on the local authority`s policies and the needs of the local community.

For developers, the benefits of agreeing to a section 106 agreement can include a faster planning approval process and the potential for greater profits through the increased value of the development. However, there can be a financial cost to the developer, as they are responsible for providing the affordable housing or other community contributions agreed upon.

For those looking to buy or rent a property affected by a section 106 agreement, there are certain things to keep in mind. Firstly, it`s important to understand that the affordable housing provided may not always be located within the development itself, but rather in a nearby location. This could mean that those looking for affordable housing may need to be flexible in terms of location.

Another consideration is that section 106 agreements can lead to a wider range of housing types being available in an area. This could be positive, as it may lead to greater diversity and inclusivity within a community. However, it could also lead to some properties being less desirable due to their location within an affordable housing development.

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In summary, section 106 agreement housing is an important concept to be aware of for both developers and those looking to buy or rent property. By understanding the requirements and implications of these agreements, it`s possible to make more informed decisions about where to live and develop property.

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